Press the Q button to shoot

Press the A key to move left

Press the D key to move to the right

If you are nostalgic for old-fashioned games, this game is for you
the graphics are very simple. the game is still in the early access phase, which means that there are still a few things to go before the audio is implemented.

the game is developed for fun by a non-programmer the graphics and the assets are of the respective authors find more information on the credit page of the game.

the engine to create this game is called Gdevelop

Of course soon, this description will be updated, yet many things have to be introduced for example new levels, new spaceships, and even different modes of play with different objectives.

Description in update - Last update on March 7, 2018

* Correct, an error now the display of the projectile for the green enemy is created correctly before it was not displayed.

Patch Notes 0.04

- Updated the correct number of enemies for level 1
- Created level 2
- Created red enemy with animation
- Created celestial enemy with animation
- Created Purple enemy with animation
- Created the bullets for all 3 enemies
Level 2 access is now available directly on the site.

Patch Notes 0.03

- Implemented new buttons for the start page
- Insert 2 different fonts on the start page
- Fonts have been implemented and the buttons on the credits page
- Inserted the energy bar on the game page
- Inserted the life bar
- When the bullets impact the ship with the life is climbed
- Added animation for the main ship
- Added animation for the blue ship
- Added animation for the orange ship
- Added animation for the Green ship
- Added the score - Added wave
- Explosions have been implemented for all enemies
- Added the game over option

Patch Notes 0.02
- Implemented the start page
- The projectiles for the main ship have been implemented
- Implemented the projectiles for the blue ship
- Implemented the projectiles for the orange ship
- Implement the keys to move right and left

Patch Notes 0.01 
- The first basic spaceship was implemented
- Created 3 enemies of different color

Published 23 days ago
StatusIn development


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